– Waco YMF-5C Biplane –

The Weaver Aircraft Company was founded in 1920 by George “Buck” Weaver, E.J. “Sam” Junkin, and Clayton Brukner. The trade name Waco (rhymes with taco) was coined from the title letters of Weaver Aircraft Co. Originally located in Lorain, Ohio, the company later moved to Troy, Ohio, drawn by the concentration of aviation related businesses that had sprung up around nearby Dayton, home of the Wright Brothers. The first Waco YMF rolled out of the Waco factory at Troy Ohio in early 1935. In late 1942, Waco ceased production of powered airplanes.

In 1983 the founders of Classic Aircraft Corporation envisioned their childhood dreams coming true with the reincarnation of the Waco YMF Biplane. In the history of aviation, no company had ever taken a fifty year old design and manufactured it new under the original FAA type certificate. To accomplish this mission they hired experienced aeronautical engineers to re- draw over 1400 drawings and build new tooling for production. This was done while maintaining the sanctity of WACO.S original design. The WACO YMF is not a rebuild. or a kit plane, but a brand new FAA certified production aircraft.

– Schweizer 232 Glider –

The closest thing you can get to soaring like an eagle is in our Schweizer 232 Glider. One of only 26 two-seated gliders in the world, this plane is sure to be a unique experience that you can share with a companion! Unlike most glider operations around the United States we give our passengers the experience of soaring above a National Park. Choose any of the glider tours here and experience the view from the highest altitude of any plane in our fleet.

– Robinson R44 Helicopter –

Aviation entrepreneur, Frank Robinson, first developed his helicopters with the intent to escape the busy west coast traffic. His plan was to create an easy-to-use machine for the public to use as means of transportation. While he didn’t anticipate the manufacturing and certification process to boost the price of his helicopters out of the budget of everyday commuters, he successfully created the most widely used training helicopter in the industry.  The R44’s first flight came in 1990, followed by its certification in 1992. Since then it has grown to be the best-selling general aviation helicopter in the world. The R44 is a larger version of the two-seated R22, and it comes equipped with hydraulic assisted flight controls, putting less workload on its pilots. This helicopter is perfect for sightseeing as it provides the widest field of view from it’s cockpit. The R44 also features fully removable doors for the most immersive flying experience you could ask for!

– GA-8 Airvan –


When you’re built with such innovative features as a solid spring-steel undercarriage, high-floatation tires and high-lift wings to negotiate the unforgiving conditions of the Australian Outback, you’re built for anything. No other aircraft in its class can make this claim. Air conditioned, with convex windows for optimal viewing, this plane was built perfectly for the tourism industry. Every passenger also gets their own window seat, ensuring the most comfortable ride possible. 

– Cessna 182 Skylane –


This four passenger airplane is perfect for more intimate scenic tours. A high-winged airplane like this offers some of the most unobstructed views of Acadia National Park that you can’t find anywhere else.  Our Cessna 182 serves two purposes as well, working part time as a tow plane for our glider, and part time as a private scenic tour plane!