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Have you ever watched an eagle gliding along effortlessly on the wind?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to slip the surly bounds of earth and experience just such an adventure? Today that dream can become your reality! Since the dawn of time, mankind has dreamed of soaring like an eagle, while chasing the wind along and experiencing the sheer exhilaration of silent, effortless flight.

Bring a companion and share the experience as you soar over the striking scenery of Mt. Desert Island and Acadia National Park. When finished, one can’t help but ask, Why did I wait so long to do this?

Avoid the crowds at the top of Cadillac Mountain and get your own personal view of the sunset.

Interested in a glider ride? Not sure what sure what to expect since there is no engine? Take a look at this video a happy customer made of their 4000′ flight. Did we mention that the glider is the ONLY aircraft allowed to fly directly over Acadia National Park?


2500 ft
Second Passenger Free

Let the adventure begin! Our introductory glider flight is perfect for those who are looking to try an aviation experience unlike any other. For centuries man’s imagination has been sparked by the mystery of powerless flight. He has been fascinated by the eagle’s ability to soar effortlessly on the wind. Why not soar with him and share in this unique experience.

Sounds exciting? YOU BET IT IS!

Approximately 25min
5500 ft
Second Passenger Free

At one full mile over MDI you will be able to see more in a glance then your entire time on the island! Remeber to ask about our GoPro video of your custom flight! This is the sweet spot. 45 minutes of over the top thrills or a majestic flight that you will be able to replay in your mind every time you close your eyes!

“Can we do it again?”

Approximately 45min

Flight paths may vary based on thermals and flight conditions.

Sunset flights available for an additional $50